Thermosafety 3D

Safety support system

The THERMOSAFETY 3D system provides protection for people working on machines and production lines, eliminating the risk of accidents and starting equipment when a person is in the danger zone.

THERMOSAFETY 3D is a human recognition system that works in real time. Thanks to the use of three vision systems, including RGB, depth and thermal imaging cameras, our device works reliably even in the most difficult conditions: such as dark warehouses or dusty production halls. The high performance allows integration in various configurations: with robots, workstations and conveyors.

The THERMOSAFETY 3D comes standard with a PLC, making it easy to integrate into existing systems.

Event registration

Wykrywanie przekroczenia strefy, obecności w strefie i wyjścia ze strefy

Alarm zones

Możliwość zdefiniowania 3 różnych stref alarmów w ramach jednego systemu

Systems integration

Możliwość integracji z istniejącymi systemami bezpieczeństwa

Examples of TS-3D applications


THERMOSAFETY 3D can control the operation of machines. It will stop or slow down the operation of the machine when a worker enters its working area. In addition, it will display warning signals!


Turning on an injection molding machine or press with a person inside is an example of an extremely dangerous situation. THERMOSAFETY 3D, once it detects a person inside such machines, can completely block its startup.


In general areas with limited visibility, such as dark warehouses or dusty production halls, THERMOSAFETY 3D will still detect workers and, for example, inform them of the possibility of collisions with forklifts or other vehicles.

Online system for event analytics ​

With selected THERMOSAFETY systems you will analyze the detailed history of events!

How does TS-3D work?

We are constantly developing and improving the Thermosafety system based on data obtained from our customers and their suggestions.