The story behind Thermosafety

The best products are created when a need gets discovered. This is a universal premise that works in every aspect of life. Solutions created in this way can bring the world the revolution it needed. We believe that Thermosafety is also such a solution.
Moduł wizyjny inteligentnego systemu bezpieczeństwa Thermosafety

An idea that was born on the factory floor

It can be said that the mother of Thermosafety is the production hall, and the father is a team of experienced engineers. During the development of a machine by Unitem Machines, more specifically, a particle board surface planer, we encountered quite an obstacle. It turned out that we were unable to protect the worker while the machine was in operation.

Traditional ways of ensuring safety on the production line significantly hindered the production process, made it impossible or inefficient. Since the boards were placed manually in the machine, we needed a solution that would stop the machine only when a person was in it’s working area. No safety system met our requirements:

  • safety mats could have activated a machine stop if a board fell on them;
  • fences could have led to an accident involving an operator carrying boards;
  • vision, laser and radio systems would detect a moving object, i.e. a man with boards or just the boards appearing in their range, and stop the entire machine.

Thus, all that was left was to create our own dedicated safety system.

The business case

In order not to waste time creating a product that would not be useful in the market, we started by researching market demand and reviewing available solutions. Two in particular caught our attention: Veo Freemove and Inxpect. Unfortunately, although they are technologically advanced, they further fell short of the requirements we had for a particle board surface planer and many other machines of similar concept.

Having the data, we decided to set up a technology project to develop an innovative safety system. After detailed analysis, we decided to use AI and fusion of modalities, including thermal imaging. This is also where the name of the system came from: Thermosafety. We were only one step away from a refined idea to the start of work – we had to build the right team.

Our team of specialists

The requirements of the project were high. Fortunately, we were able to find the right people for the job: experienced and qualified world-class engineers!

Zbigniew Kulas - naukowiec zajmujący się uczeniem maszynowym

Zbigniew Kulas, EngD

Machine learning researcher. Graduate of the Wroclaw University of Technology. Author and co-author of publications in the field of application of machine learning and statistical methods for analysis and classification of medical images. Co-author of three patents.

Marcin Majak - specjalista ds. wizji komputerowej

Marcin Majak, EngD

Computer vision specialist. Graduate of the Wroclaw University of Technology. He also specializes in deep learning algorithms. Author and co-author of dozens of scientific publications, patents and industrial designs.

Wojciech Macherzyński - inżynier mikroelektronik

Wojciech Macherzyński, EngD

Microelectronics engineer. Employee of the Faculty of Electronics, Photonics and Microsystems of the Wroclaw University of Technology. Co-author of more than 90 scientific publications in the field of microelectronics and semiconductor technologies.

Michał Rewak

Senior computer vision engineer. Experienced embedded systems programmer and electronics engineer. Creator of proprietary solutions in vending machines.

Rafał Florczak

Senior computer vision engineer. Software engineer with many years of experience and a graduate of the University of Wroclaw.

Design work since 2020

  • Obtaining funding from NCRD (Amount: 10 M PLN)

  • R&D Work

  • Creating a pre-production prototype

  • Production implementation at Unitem Ltd.

  • Beginning of the certification process

Our future path

Our upcoming plans are to develop the 1.0 version of the Thermosafety system and the architecture for a multiple head – one computing unit arrangement. The finale of our efforts will be certification to PLd Cat. 3, SIL 2. The future of Thermosafety is bright, just like it’s casing. We hope that thanks to our efforts every worker will feel safety during production line operation, not only the one using our particle board surface planer.

We will keep you updated on the progress of our plans in the Newsletter. Therefore, we invite you to subscribe.

Warning and monitoring of traffic in hazardous areas

THERMOSAFETY LITE is a camera system designed to detect people as well as forklifts. It is a solution whose main application is  monitoring intersections with limited visibility, where pedestrians and forklifts often cross their paths.

The device consists of a stereovision camera and an AI system that analyzes the observed image and 3D space. When a human is detected, the device displays selected warning signals.

The device offers a unique networking capability, improving the range and accuracy of human detection – the functionality of the device can be expanded by connecting it to the THERMOSAFETY HUB.

Examples of TS LITE applications


Carts and other industrial vehicles pose the greatest danger when they appear suddenly. THERMOSAFETY LITE will monitor hidden areas and send warnings when a vehicle and worker are in the path of a collision.


THERMOSAFETY LITE can monitor areas where forklifts and pedestrians often move in the same area. A warning signal that lights up when pedestrians and forklifts are in the same area can prevent unpleasant situations.


Exits from the corridors directly onto the path are troublesome to secure. With THERMOSAFETY LITE, we can inform the approaching cart already in the corridor. Likewise, we will warn the cart driver of an approaching employee before the employee opens the door!

The THERMOSAFETY HUB allows for the construction of a network of THERMOSAFETY LITE devices. The High-Performance Server supports up to 8 stereovision cameras and is equipped with a PLC to control the devices.

High performance allows you to expand functionality! Using the power of the THERMOSAFETY HUB server allows you to combine observed areas, delineate warning zones, and history and analyze events. All with increased precision and detection performance.

Examples of TS HUB applications


Large plazas with increased cart traffic are areas where drivers should be extra careful. Such areas can be monitored using several THERMOSAFETY LITE devices and when people are detected, drivers can be informed of their presence.


Using THERMOSAFETY HUB with several THERMOSAFETY LITE cameras, we can monitor several, different sections of the same intersection. Recognition of approaching people or oncoming carts will allow effective traffic management at this location.


Some production areas are protected from the entry of workers. Their presence is allowed only at certain times. By combining THERMOSAFETS LITE, we can observe large production lines and alert people to entry at specific times.

Online system for event analytics

With selected THERMOSAFETY systems you will analyze the detailed history of events!