Tag: Safety in manufacturing industry

Safety in industry is not limited to securing equipment and infrastructure. As long as a huge part of the tasks is performed by people, the main goal of safety in factories should be to ensure human safety. With this in mind, we have created a security system for the industry – Thermosafety. Its main features are:

  • modality fusion and machine learning algorithms to identify people;
  • no reaction to objects, AGVs, and other mechanical elements of the production plant;
  • response time less than 0.1 seconds;
  • high accuracy: <15 cm;
  • possibility to define up to 3 independent danger zones within one system’s range;
  • possibility to define a specific action for each zone;
  • possibility to define zone dimensions in three dimensions;
    possibility to log or register events.

If a person enters a danger zone, Thermosafety can protect their health and life. And both are the most valuable thing they have.

Safety system for car factories

The automotive industry encompasses many industries and services linked directly (e.g., the manufacture of mechanical components and equipment) and indirectly